Experience & Qualifications

I have been working with people since 1978 - most of which has been in community mental health settings and include psychotherapy, crisis work and working with people disabled by psychiatric illness. It has also included working as Counselling Team Leader for a Mens Agency.

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Counselling
  • Cert. In Counselling in Mental Health
  • NZ Registered Psychiatric Nurse
  • NZ Registered Comprehensive Nurse
  • Father of 2 young men and step-father of 2 young men, and now grandfather of one very young boy

I am approved as a counsellor by ACC.

I am commited to ongoing professional and personal development and I have regular supervision for my work.

My professional bodies are NZ Association of Counsellors and NZ Nursing Council and I am bound by the codes of ethics of both organisations.